Present Truth

Jesus and His Truth... All The Time.

Welcome to CristoVerdad—ChristTruth. We are delighted that you have come to our website as we are expanding our ministry to the English speaking audience. At CristoVerdad, we value one thing above all, and that is Christ, for he is the way, “THE TRUTH, and the life.” We believe that is necessary to serve God before men (Acts 5:29).

We believe that we have great content, which helps us all prepare for the imminent second coming of Christ. Prophesies are fulfilling right before our eyes, and Satan the deceiver, is out to fool the masses. He has succeeded in may ways, but the remnant is still standing as the Three Angels Message is being preached with passion and promptitude.

All Christian denominations have fallen and are drunk with the wine of Babylon. The Image of the Beast (Rev. 13) has already been formed, the table is set, and the prophetic clock  is winding down. Jesus is almost here. Are you sanctified?

 And you shall know the truth, …